Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the old, in with the .......old? by Julie Ranson

In January 2009, with New Year’s celebrations still fresh in Americans’ minds, CHANGE arrived in the form of a new president. Barack Obama’s historic election held the promise of so much – a fresh approach and the end of politics as usual. Besides promising to “fundamentally transform America,” our President promised a new climate of bipartisanship and a new way of doing things in Washington. In particular, he promised a change in legislative earmarks, stating on numerous campaign stops how badly this process needed to be “changed.” That Senator Obama (D-IL) displayed beside his Grammy a “trophy in earmarking” for his home state of Illinois to the tune of one-billion-plus-dollars escaped the logical processing of a sycophantic press and electorate. Barely off his Inaugural high, Obama signed the Stimulus Bill containing thousands of earmarks! That’s not change, my friends.

The greater pledge of a transparent government has also been invalidated. No healthcare deliberations have been held on television (just in backrooms and closed-door meetings) nor have Americans been able to view bills for at least five days before legislative voting. Perhaps the only transparency to cite is the fact that even liberals and some media are starting to see right through this administration!

"That's what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are, because part of what we have to do is enlist the American people in this process," Obama said at a debate in Los Angeles on Jan. 31, 2008.

The special interests and lobbyists, he said, "will resist anything that we try to do ... And the antidote to that is making sure that the American people understand what is at stake."

While those who did not vote for Mr. Obama are not surprised by his lapses in honesty and fair representation, many were greatly astounded and angered by the lack of response from our other so-called representation in Washington. No amount of protests, phone calls, letters, visits, and emails seemed to sway those hell-bent on helping our “historic” president achieve his leftist agenda. This lack of responsiveness from our “representatives” gave rise to numerous groups. One such group formed this blog and we continue to write and post videos to educate, inspire, and motivate American Patriots wherever they are!

As we end this year (and yes, thank heavens, it’s really over!!), we have much to reflect upon and much to look forward to. While it has been exhausting for so many patriots to do the extra work of complaining couch potatoes everywhere, we have accomplished much and the new year holds great promise for the work of average American patriots who are determined to return this country to its foundational principles.

If you don’t know what is going on at the state level, you need to learn about it....NOW. Get on patriot email lists, find the legislative websites for your state and follow them closely, and get involved hands-on with a group that will keep you motivated and informed. (And please keep visiting this blog, too!)

I wish all of our readers a blessed 2010. I wish for America “Real Change” that will take us back to the principles and values of our Founding Fathers. That’s the “old” we want to usher in for 2010. Wishing isn’t enough, of course, so I challenge you to do more as a patriot in 2010.

LOBBYING 101 A Seminar: How to Influence Lawmakers

Monday, January 11, 2010
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Tuckahoe Library
1901 Starling Drive Henrico, VA 23229
Map on Library Website:

 Lobby Day on January 18 – why YOU should attend
(Guest: A voice of experience - from behind the “Iron Curtain" to freedom)
 Pending Tenth Amendment bills in Virginia State Legislature
 How to effectively communicate with your legislator
 Building coalitions to strengthen your position
 Making the most of a 10-minute meeting with your legislator
 Live or die in Committee
 “After-Seminar” Small Groups – “Lobby Day Action Plan” & “Local Party Involvement Initiatives”

Confirmed Speakers: Jamie Radtke, Donna Holt, and Joe Guarino. Other special guests are still being confirmed at this time.

This seminar is being offered by a coalition of local citizen groups including: The 9.12Project/WST-Richmond, Virginia Campaign for Liberty, Virginia Tea Party Patriots, and Citizens Roundtable.

This seminar is being presented so that our coalition partners, their members, and citizens at large can effectively lobby their state legislators during Lobby Day on Monday, January 18th. This particular date is a special opportunity for Virginians to express their concerns and desires to their State Senators and Delegates. Face-to-face lobbying at the state level is vastly more effective than at the federal level and will dramatically improve our ability to defend ourselves against encroachments set upon us by the Federal Government. After all, all politics is local.

We’d love to know that you’re coming! RSVP to:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Cooperation among Conservative groups? by Julie Ranson

Recently I observed a conservative fellow critiquing the attendance of a recent rally. He asserted that the smaller attendance would only feed the narrative of the left…dwindling numbers, waning enthusiasm, etc.
He asked whether the conservative groups even talk to each other. The rally in question was held mid-day on a cold, rainy Monday and followed a rally held the previous Friday, also mid-day. As has been previously noted in this blog, protesting isn’t the daily inclination of the conservative. We have jobs and families, for Pete’s sake! And while Americans for Prosperity may have the bus on its tour, we are not going to allow federally-funded factions herd us around to protest spots like the liberals who have plenty more protect practice.

Because we have the country’s gross domestic product to tend, we aren’t free like the typical dregs of society herded around to events like the G-20 summit. At this year’s Pittsburgh summit, 300 protesters assembled without a permit. Greeting police with rolling trash cans, blocking roads with pallets, the protesters were subjected to teargas. Some would argue that the world’s “capitalist pigs” that comprise the G-20 are to blame for these jobless protestors’ plight, instead it’s entirely something else – socialist malaise – why do for oneself when the government is writing unemployment checks, eh?

Anyway, just so you know, conservative protests in the year 2009 have resulted in no police action, no violence, no trash-covered National Mall. These protesters not only paid their own way to attend, they even cleaned up after themselves.

Okay, these really are very nice people so why aren’t they “cooperating with each other” as the fellow I mentioned earlier had lamented? The answer is…..a lot of groups actually are cooperating with each other! Sometimes, though, group events overlap, coincide, or nip at each other's heels on the calendar. Be that as it may, it’s important to realize that while many of the groups have similar missions and shared values, some groups are laser-focused on so-called smaller or narrower issues. As well, even those with similar missions have different methods for reaching their goals…. What’s really important is that genuine, founding American principles are upheld, reiterated, and taught to others. That’s what groups like the Tea Party-ers and the 9-12’ers espouse and, together or not, these groups will be heard.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Outgoing Governor Tim Kaine proposes expanding health benefits to partners.

By Daren Gardner

In his usual dissappearing act, outgoing Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine is now proposing to extend health care benefits to any adult who would live in the household of a state employee who is currently on the health care plan.

Let me first impart that I have nothing against any of the people I am about to name. Ok, so let's see, you have many to chose from, just take your pick. We could see family members, well that is not so bad. Oh, and then you have your high school friends, your friends you meet at the bar who needed a place to live, now they become eligible. You have same sex couples, and how about the friend of cousin Fred who is down and out and also sleeps on your couch for a year. I think you get the picture.

This is just a great example of fine leadership of our part-time governor that has thought about Virginians First. On his talk with Jimmy Barrett on WRVA radio on Friday's last "Ask the Governor" show, he stated that he had thought about this before, but he could not get past the added cost. Now he wants to implement it, so our Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell will have to deal with those cost.
He also says that this individual who receives this benefit will have to pay the full cost. Can anyone tell me what sense that makes? Do you think that is how it will happen? Do you think it will not have an increase in cost to the state?

If for a minute, you, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, think that this will not be a huge increase on our tax dollars, you are in for a rude awakening. This will throw the state health care cost out of control. Citizens, those of you who sit back. Those of you who do nothing. Those of you who one day will say, and are currently saying, why did they let this happen? Well, the they, is you, and you failed to come forth and fight such madness with the rest of us who have been pounding the streets at rally's. Failed to get on the phone to make the calls to your representatives. Failed to write the letters, send the faxes.

Those of you who quietly sit back and complain, and whom feel some kind of an embarrassment, if you come out to voice the opinions you really have. That you would not have the courage to stand up and excercise your First Amendment right. Or is it you have not taken the time to teach yourself, to become informed, to have the "want to" of standing up for freedom.

I challenge you today to come on out. Not to sit quietly in your homes and watch from afar, but to come and stand quietly beside your fellow American, who is out standing up for this country, and our Constitutional Rights. To be outraged when one of our proudest countrymen, Medal of Honor recipient, a 90yr old American Veteran Hero, is challenged on the proper way to fly the American Flag.

Little by little our government keeps whittling away at our rights and our freedoms. Citizens, we need less government, not just a balanced budget, but less government in our lives. We do not have to have this enormous spending that is taking place. Our state government has got to get out of doing all the business for the people, instead let the people do their own business. Let the free enterprise system work. Our government has got to stop trying to take care of everything, instead encourage and teach our citizens how to take care of themselves. We as citizens need to help and encourage each other.

As I have stated, our prosperity has ruined this nation. We all need the basic needs to live on, but I am not saying prosperity is bad. It has changed the mindset of so many Americans though. I was once told about 25 yrs ago by a man whom I had great respect for, that nothing remains the same in life, that if you do not change it, it will change you. We have to as citizens stand up and change our government, and this is not just small talk. This past year has proven that as Americans we can make a difference if we do stand together in this battle. You are not alone. You do have to take a step forward though. Many of us have your back. Many of us are on the front lines daily. Many of us will celebrate with you in victory. Something you will miss out on if you are not willing to take a step out of your comfort zone.

So with little over a month in office, our Governor, Tim Kaine, was asked the question, would he run again for Governor of Virginia, his response was "doubtful". I am sure glad for one thing, he sees the writing on the wall.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Right to Fair Representation by Julie Ranson

This blog was created to examine the citizen’s place in our American republic, including our responsibilities and rights. Of late, we’ve been looking at our individual rights, so here’s another one. We have a right to fair representation in Washington DC. "A representative government [is] a government in which the will of the people will be an effective ingredient." (Jefferson, 1816) Yet imagine what they’ve been up to in just the past week!

1)Approved “activist” David Hamilton to 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Hamilton has a pretty clear leftist political record and was rated 'not qualified' by the ABA when President Clinton nominated him to the federal bench because his experience at that time was almost purely political, as opposed to legal and judicial. We need to read his decisions carefully to make definitive pronouncements, but it's clear that at least some of his work on the bench demonstrates his willingness to embrace judicial activism.

Here's the Roll call vote

2) Started to spin the Senate HealthCare bill. Yes! They are covering more people and saving money to boot. It’s a daggone miracle…. or sleight of hand, depending on your grasp of reality and basic logic. As my 17-year old daughter just asked, “If more than half of the country is against this, how can Washington vote for it?” Hmmmm, not a bad question from my Patrick-Henry-esque teenager.

Did you know:
 that the Senate bill begins to raise revenue (penalties and taxes) in 2010, but does not initiate the coverage provisions until 2014?
 that the Senate bill (like the House bill) offsets costs with “cuts” and “savings” that will never be enforced?
 that certain expensive healthcare changes have been removed from both bills because they cost too much? They are now in separate bills which will increase the deficit if passed because they cannot be paid for.
 that the Senate bill covers abortions?
 that the Senate bill will raise taxes by $370 B over ten years.
 that healthcare expenditures will rise, not go down as promised.
 that millions will lose their employer provided insurance under the proposed plans.
 that 8.5 million seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage coverage (and then be forced to buy AARP's cash cow of medi-gap insurance; hence, AARP’s endorsement)

3) Obama admits he is taking on unpopular actions, but that’s just because he cares about what HE THINKS is right for the country.

4) Another Treasury nominee has tax problems. Is it, like, a pre-requisite?

5) Senator Leahy pooh-pooh’s the need to interrogate bin Laden if he’s captured. Well, he’s just a common criminal anyway, right?

More Washington foolishness! Is it any wonder stock prices for poster board firms are climbing?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tricking the People: Same ol’ Health-scare, but likely worse… by Julie Ranson

As is usually the case with thorny political issues, our government continues to change the terminology used in the healthcare debate. We’re no longer talking of healthcare reform, it’s now health insurance reform. It’s so much easier to demonize those greedy, mean, benefit-denying insurance companies. Since the insurance industry is the entity with which the liberal left so desperately wishes to “compete,” the Washington leadership has quit throwing doctors under the bus by accusing them of wantonly ordering tonsillectomies and foot amputations. It's the insurance company's turn to get beat up by politicians!
We do need to talk about healthcare and health insurance reform, but... with doors wide open, minds open, and fair debate about free market principles within the healthcare industry. Cries of “foul” have emanated in this lengthy fight because of the phrases like, “government takeover” and “government-run,” as the liberals vow they have no desire for a full-fledged government program (e.g., single-payer). But the facts remain that free-market principles are being flouted in favor of solutions prescribed and managed by the government, designed to move this country to a single-payer system in a decade or so.
The evolution of our insurance system from private industry to a government-payer system WILL come to pass should the public option (now called consumer option by N. Pelosi) be included in any reform legislation. Congressional liberals have been throwing the term “competition” around a lot, as though the government can function as a competitor in the health insurance field. You and I know it will not work out well for the insurers, right? Consider a basketball game where the players are insurance firms and the referee is the government. Now, what if the referee decides he also wants to play in the game? He’s calling the game, interpreting the rules, and making plays. If you were a player, you know exactly how angry you’d likely be at any given moment in that game, don’t you? It wouldn’t be fair and it would not be a real contest. David St. Clair describes how “competition” in rate setting will eliminate private insurers:

A government-based health insurer modeled after Medicare would possess Medicare’s distinct advantage over private insurance companies: the ability to use the power of the law to set rates of reimbursement to doctors, hospitals and other care providers. Private plans, in contrast, are forced to negotiate these rates. The significance of this disparity was captured in a study by Milliman, Inc., last December which revealed that private plans shouldered a $90 billion annual cost-shift from Medicare/Medicaid. A public plan’s ability to use the legal authority of the federal government to set whatever rates it chooses, as Medicare does, would effectively eliminate any chance private plans have to be competitive. Contrary to what the Times’ editorial states, this would indeed serve as a death knell for private insurers as we know them.

While we might not come to a conclusion about what is perfect in healthcare reform, clearly we can agree that the liberals in Washington have absolutely no idea how doctors work and how the free market works. It could be they don’t care much about the free market system that has brought us choice, opportunity, and prosperity. Regardless, a lack of understanding and a lack of appreciation for the system that makes America great are still shameful behaviors for elected officials.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Till All is Clear" by Daren Gardner

America, I am tired of hearing the rethoric. We either believe what we are all talking about, or we don't. If we don't, we need to just shut up and go on taking this mess, and watch our country fall.

If we fight it, we will prevail. Take some backbone from our forefathers, be willing to put it all on the line.

For those of you who aren't willing to come to the front, crawl in a hole till all is clear. Then you better be thankful for those who stood up for your rights as an American. Just know you will always be looked on as a coward who ran from your responsibility as an American Citizen. Sing the Star Spangled Banner to yourself.

The greatest thing I am fighting for is our Freedom. The God I serve is BIG, nothing on this earth measures up to God. If you believe, and have faith, then we as a nation, founded on Godly values, will come alive again. America, stop playing games. Those who believe, may not fire the first shot, but will be heard. We'll not retreat. We are not the Wowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

I am appalled at the "I don't care" attitudes of our nation. Everyday, I run into people who are scared to come out. If you do not, you have no idea of what the word means. Our passive ways and our prosperity have made us a weak nation. This is one of the most important things you will ever do in your lifetime. Are you in, or are you out. Instill some motivation in yourself. Start paying attention. Get out of your comfort zone. It is an invigorating experience.

We, as a nation, have a president and an administration that thinks we are the cowards and are afraid of him. This is one American Citizen that is not. So you can either join with me, or you just need to crawl in that hole "Till All Is Clear."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grassroots Video Part 3: Recommendations by Conservatives for getting involved

In this third part of our grassroots video series, the panel discusses their recommendations to other Americans for getting involved. Included in the recommendations are tips in how to find a grassrots group, educating yourself, and getting involved online.

Grassroots Video Part 2: What these Conservatives are doing.

In this short video, five average Virginia citizens chat about what groups they have joined since becoming active in grassroots work.

Grassroots Video Part 1: Why these Conservatives got involved

Are you curious about all this "activist" stuff? Wondering who the activists are? Surely you heard about the march on Washington on September 12? What a vast group from all across the, conservative-minded, true-blood Americans who care about the future of this country, that's who they are!
In this short video, five average Virginia citizens chat about why they have gotten involved in grassroots work.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reclaiming Individual Rights by Julie Ranson

I’ve noticed a particular theme in the statements and signs of those so-called “right-wing extremists” (also known as, domestic terrorists, wingnuts, astroturf, among other pejoratives). Posters that declare “Hands Off My Healthcare,” “Socialism isn’t Cool,” and “No New Taxes” speak of the American’s understanding of freedom and individual rights. Our capitalist system is founded upon the individual’s right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which translates a variety of ways within the American community – economic wealth and personal freedoms among them.

The website,, describes the role of government in a capitalist society quite simply… and, please note, narrowly.
“A proper government's only responsibility is to protect the rights of the individual, by banning the initiation of force, thus making all relations between men peaceful, i.e., free from the threat of violence and fraud."

As James Madison said, “if men were angels, we would need no government.” So, how does a government protect these individual rights and promote a peaceful existence among men and women? It passes laws. It uses police and the courts to carry out this duty. An army is required to prevent us from foreign invasion. There ends the role of government in a capitalist society.

“In a free society each and every man lives under a rule of law, as opposed to a whim-ridden rule of men. It has only one purpose: to protect the rights of the smallest minority that has ever existed -- the individual……..(Emphasis added.)

Over many decades, while the citizenry “slept” as fat, dumb, and happy participants (i.e., greedy beneficiaries of wealthy-taxpayer bounty) in the ongoing dive into socialism, the government overstepped its constitutional bounds by regulating a variety of individual pursuits. Under the guise of protecting our safety and, in essence, saving us from our own stupidity, the government has passed myriad laws that intrude into our individual choice-making. In particular, the government has inserted itself into the family in significant ways. (Compulsory public education, mandated immunizations, the “Great Society” of the 1960s, child welfare laws, the list goes on). Most recently, a group of Michigan parents lost their children’s morning child care arrangements because state law regulates daycare. A kind neighbor volunteered to help out the working moms by watching their children prior to the school bus’ arrival. You know what they say….No good deed goes unpunished.

The Capitalism Site reminds us:
In a free society it is the actions of government -- and not the actions of citizens -- that are regulated.”(Emphasis added.)

Instead, government has become the regulator of individuals, groups, and businesses. This trend toward regulation has led to a variety of economic problems, for instance, economic unfairness (especially where “equality” and “fairness” have been promised by the government), and, of course, a political system whereby strong players are able to buy regulatory favors from politicians.

So, when individuals talk about “taking their country back,” they’re referring to these foundational freedoms. Yes, we’ve been lazy and ignorant, silent accomplices in the theft of our freedoms. We are no longer silent and we want our freedoms back.

(This is a first in a series of posts about individual rights/freedoms. The next post will focus on healthcare/insurance reform.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lessons Not Learned by Larry Miller

Where has the principled courage of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) gone? Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds has been raising a ruckus about a thirty year old thesis written by his Republican opponent Bob McDonnell. This thesis, written in youthful enthusiasm, said such terrible things as killing unborn babies was wrong and that children raised by stay-at-home mothers tended to fare better than those whose mothers worked outside the home. Deeds questions how anyone with such outdated ideas could be taken seriously. RPV has no defense, only a strategy of duck and cover.

While times have changed, principles have not. Former Attorney General McDonnell may express himself differently these days, but I would hope the ideals of the young student have not changed significantly. Instead of defending ideas that have broad appeal in the normally red state of Virginia, RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued a statement complaining that Mr. Deeds has introduced divisive social issues into the campaign. One has to wonder if this is the milquetoast leadership the party insiders were looking for when they ousted Jeff Frederick from the position and replaced him with Mullins a few weeks before this summer's convention in Richmond. A recent Rasmussen poll shows that 74% of Republicans believe that their congressional representatives have lost touch with the voters. Is it much of a stretch to believe the same of party leaders as well?

The Republican candidate, who is a good man and has compiled a strong conservative record during his years in the General Assembly, is now running as a jobs and energy moderate... not that there is anything wrong with either issue. They are about making a living... not a life. As this is written, McDonnell is up by four points over Deeds... down from double digits a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it appears that his political gurus are working to mellow him down the same road of defeat that they showed previous candidates for this position, Jerry Kilgore and Mark Earley.

Further evidence of the emasculation of the party in the Old Dominion came to light when House of Delegates candidate Catherine Craybill had the audacity to say "We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box, before we have to resort to the bullet box. But that's the beauty of the Second Amendment right. I am glad for all of us that we can enjoy the use of firearms for hunting, but make no mistake. That was NOT the intent of the Founding Fathers. Our Second Amendment rights was to guard against tyranny."

Again the official party and candidates are running for cover. The RPV Chairman going so far as to deny any support to the candidate and suggesting she would not be the best one to run for the office. Imagine what they would do if Patrick Henry returned and gave his “give me liberty or give me death” speech that we admire so much two hundred thirty some years in the past.

Republicans have lost favor with the voters because they have talked a good game but failed to live up the their espoused values. We see here two opportunities to show there is substance to the party and candidates, but we see the party and so many candidates rushing to the mushy middle.

Consultants will tell us that roughly 40% of the voters will be on one side and 40% on the other. The battle, therefore, is for the 20% in the middle. The conventional wisdom that has been failing the Republicans in recent years is that to win these votes, you have to look and sound like the people in the middle... thus losing the support and respect of your base. What Ronald Reagan did was to explain the conservative position so effectively that those in this middle ground understood and came along. This is the way to deal with independent voters!

When will the party of Reagan learn that it was principled stands that brought it to power and that deserting these values led to defeat. We are faced with an administration in Washington audaciously sticking its nose in many areas constitutionally ceded to the states at a rate many times faster than that of any previous administrations. We need bold leadership to stand up to it, not timid politicians afraid to take a position.

Victory or defeat, that is the choice. It seems that no one appears to remember what George Santayana told us, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Republicans have the choice to stand unapologetically on the conservative values people expect and respect or they can hide in the bushes and watch while the country falls apart around them.

The only saving grace for the Republicans may be the stench the Democrats have become in the nostrils of a significant block of voters. While many of us are looking for anything that will put a crimp in Obama administration's expansion at this point, the danger is that winning with this strategy will condemn the Republican Party and the country to an even longer string of so-called moderate, ineffective candidates to oppose the downright socialist, if not fascist machinations of the Democratic Party.

The best hope is that the candidate for Attorney General, Senator Ken Cuccinelli, leads the ticket on election day, showing that a true conservative, running on conservative principles, particularly from the liberal bastion of northern Virginia, can attract more support than candidates running on a Democrat-lite platform.

Originally posted at Political Christian blog:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two World Views by Larry Miller

As we observe the world around us, we see what seems to be a chaotic multiplicity of viewpoints and voices. However, when we look at them a little closer, we see what some proclaim to be fresh, new and exciting concepts to be variations on one or two age old themes.

Essentially there are two primary ways of viewing the world around us. C.S. Lewis called it the “Great Divide”. Do we live our lives with the recognition of the supreme being, or do we consider ourselves (man) to be the supreme being? There is even a perversion of this thinking whereby man is the supreme underbeing and Mother Earth is the deity to be worshipped… in the way these unusual people shall specify for us.

In any case, the culture war that currently engulfs our country is one in which most who would claim the God centered world view are blissfully unaware of the seriousness of the conflict. They are absorbed in their own lives and problems. They have been distracted by the small acts of goodness they can do and totally miss the bigger picture that shows the Christian viewpoint being shuffled off to the side. Many of us have been majoring in minors, as the saying goes.

Many also site II Timothy 2:4 that tells us “No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs – he wants to please his commanding officer.” We are told this as they, many with sincerity, attempt to go about the business of the Lord. The problem with this thinking is that it fails to recognize that a major part of the battle has moved into the public arena and the forces of secular humanism have been winning by default.

Many also take Paul’s admonition to heart that we need to endure hardships and the implementation of a secular based government with no concept of the creator endowed rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is just something we will have to live with.

This all well and good except they are missing the main point: IT’S NOT ABOUT US! Our convenience and ease of life are not the issue. The issue is the millions of children going through the public schools immersed in Darwinism. The issue is the millions of babies killed in the name of convenience with no concept of consequences. The issue is the gay and lesbian clubs in the same public schools that now call Christmas Vacation a Winter Break. No, it’s not about us. It’s about permitting a culture that devalues the God of the Bible and promotes the idea that our puny logic can figure out what is right and wrong based on our circumstances… and it’s about the tragic consequences to those misdirected by our culture.

An example of how one’s world view determines their actions and impact on those around them is the slavish allegiance of academic biology departments at all levels to the evolutionary thinking of Charles Darwin. They understand there are gaps in the theory, but they have faith that eventually, their knowledge will be filled. Why is this, as the facts can’t substantiate their position? To understand this, let’s go back to the basic divide in world views. One says there is a creator God and the other denies this fact.

Most academicians in their ivy covered world with inbred social and work life circles publicly proclaim that they have never been able to see or measure God, therefore, he must not exist. With this background they HAVE TO embrace Darwinism since it meshes with their world view. There is no way they can even admit Creationism is a valid alternative. They deride Intelligent Design as simply an attempt to insert religion into science.

Ben Stein showed the foolishness of this position in his film Expelled when he interviewed a distinguished professor who could accept the possibility that a superior race from another solar system could have set life in motion on earth, but could not accept that we were created by a deity. These people are people are teaching our young and we are letting them!

Books could be, and have been, written about the effect of the secular humanist philosophy on our society as a whole and on us individually. Basically it has only led to increases in crime, suicide and poverty. The secularized society has proven it is not the paradise envisioned in John Lennon’s Imagine any more than the former Soviet Union produced the workers paradise it touted around the world.

Consider your world view. Compare it to the programs and pronouncements coming out of Washington and your state capitol. Don’t just think about the impact they will have on your life. Think about what they will do to the people around you and society as a whole. Many are trying to buy you off with trinkets as they steal the soul of our country.

Originally posted at Political Christian Blog.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do We Finish the Task? by Julie Ranson

Recently, I sent my mom a video link depicting an encounter between a policeman and a protester. My mother’s response was a natural one for a sweet, Christian woman in her seventies. ‘Isn’t this just scary? Where is it going to end?” She’s right, you know. It IS scary. And to those of us who have never witnessed or experienced personally an out-of-order policeman or been face to face with an angry protester, we also wonder, “where or when will it end?”

What is the answer to that question? Perhaps we must define “it” before the question has an answer. When my mother asked the question, I believe she meant that “it” is the fighting, the bickering, and the belligerent exchanges between people of differing views. She also meant the demands placed on ordinary people who must state their views publicly at rallies, tea parties, and protests, behavior that is the antipathy of their normal workday lives usually filled with work, family, and more “peaceful” activities.

Since the mortgage and banking meltdown last Fall, Americans have been overwhelmed by the activity in Washington, D.C. We witnessed an unpleasant election process, and then a new administration putting forward an expensive agenda. Alarmed by a complex, costly, and wasteful stimulus bill and an omnibus budget bill that also appeared deceptive and wasteful, Americans jammed Congressional phones and flooded legislative email accounts with demands for “No” votes and clearer explanations.

Since the Tax-day tea parties, angry and worried citizens have taken to the streets, appeared on television, started groups, written blogs, and created video channels on the Internet. Media outlets and our own elected representatives (including the President!) have mocked and repudiated the demonstrations by patriots who wish merely for a return to Constitutional faithfulness. I know many people who continue to participate in a variety of activities. They have jobs and families, and sometimes they get tired. Like me, I bet these friends and acquaintances get frustrated sometimes because it doesn’t feel like anyone is really listening.

That question asked by my mother..... I think I have an answer, given what I know about the people with whom I “organize and demonstrate” and how they all feel about this great country of ours. If we citizens are faithful to the original tenets of this country’s founding, and if we can continue to stand strong and steadfast against this overwhelming tide of radical ideas and rationales, then we are in this for the long haul. This may never end… perhaps this should never stop.

So, Mom, this is not going to end. Some days it may seem easier, and others will be more difficult. Our freedom is worth fighting for, and it will always be under assault. Even if we see just one small fissure in our foundational freedoms, we must stand up and state the case for liberty and individual rights. Not only must we stand up for these rights, but we must educate others. These are important lessons to impart, so our work will never be finished.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Laura Glover interviews WRVA's Doc Thompson

July 2009 - Doc shares his views about the effectiveness of grassroots efforts! He also clarifies what he sees as the real goals of conservative grassroots activism -- stop the encroachment on individual's freedoms.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why are we here? Posted by our guest, Ralph Carter

I am finding it difficult to get to sleep at nights, finally succumbing to the sandman around 3-4 am. The body is ready but the mind is still in gear. Usually if I get up and go watch TV, I can fall asleep easily. (I wonder if that means my brain stops working when I’m watching TV.)

But, I’m not writing this to talk about my sleep habits. I just want to share some thoughts with my “facebook friends” about what has been racing through this busy think tank on top of my shoulders. You may do with it what you will.

I received an email the other day from a gentleman who told me he was a providentialist, which translates to the idea that this country was founded for a reason, and by Divine providence. While I would not argue that thought, it leads to the proverbial question…why are we here? As you may know there are others who share this providentialist’s view, you may be one. It has been the focus of some media personalities who have even reminded us about the nine principles and twelve values that were used as a foundation for the establishment of this great nation. As a matter of fact, the book titled “The 5000 year leap” discusses these and then some. But these principles and values can’t be something that we just utter because they are popular or sound good. They have to be who we are. If this is not who we are, then we are just astroturf.

Where did this 9-12 concept come from? Why are we being reminded of them now? Why do we have to be reminded of them? This nation was founded on principles and values, principles and values that originated in the mind of a Creator, not in the mind of the created. History shows that mankind in general is self-serving. We can be arrogant and pompous at times. We were reminded of these qualities on 9-11. It was insulting that this great nation had been attacked by a group of people, whom we thought to be inferior in respect to their abilities to pull off such a stunt, and with our own devices to boot. We were not attacked by ICBM’s or nuclear weapons shot from thousands of miles away, but with our own airplanes in our own backyard.

If our nation was founded by Divine providence, then we are here for a purpose. God’s word reveals to us that mankind was created for a purpose, and that was for the created to worship and serve the Creator. We are not the first “nation” of people set up to do this. Other “nations” have been given the same opportunities and failed, and we now only read of their existence.

Have we failed in fulfilling our purpose? If this nation was allowed to exist for the purpose of spreading christianity and giving it a place to flourish without fear, what have we done with it? Statistics that I have seen show christianity is a floundering religion in this country, with “extremist” religions quickly gaining momentum. Is it any wonder why we are experiencing a “crisis”? We have allowed “them” to intimidate us to silence. We have allowed “them” to demoralize this nation and here we sit in the aftermath, here we sit at the crossroads. For those of you who are following the same media streams that I do, these unorthodox and damaging views are infiltrating our nations government and have been taking over while we were asleep at the wheel. If you have been following the Beck specials on Fox, he is revealing some frightening facts. Have we been too involved with our lives to take the time to stand up for what is right, hoping someone else would take care of it for us? Well, they are taking care of it and I don’t like it.

Somewhere along the line, we have got to get seriously engaged, stay engaged and get on our knees and pray for God’s help in this fight. We can not do it alone and we need to be doing it for the right reasons. We can not expect to “take this country back” and handle her the same way we have done in the past and expect be successful.

My encouragement would be for us not to be self-serving in this endeavor by having motives that only affect us, but let’s remember why we are here and why we were created as a people and as a nation. I would also encourage you to take a look at Joshua 24 and read that chapter. I’m not proposing it as prophecy for us but because it is very motivating for me. Joshua is standing before the children of Israel and he reminds them of what God has done for them and what is expected of them as they go into “the promised land”. They were encouraged to serve God and “put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt.” Then the words in verse 15 that mean so much to me… “choose you this day whom ye will serve…” “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share just a portion of what has been on my mind. I will now humbly step down from my soapbox.

In His and your service,


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taking To The Streets

We conservatives and libertarians tend to keep to ourselves and have a desire to just be left alone. This thinking has usually worked well for us, but over the past years we have seen all kinds of crazy protests instigated by unions, homosexuals, ACORN... even illegal aliens have had the gall to prance through our streets demanding access to the public purse. Often these are the only voices coming through. Even setting aside the media bias, they are the only voices being raised.

Our political representatives often respond to public pressure when it does not conflict with contributor interests, and up to now, most of the pressure has been coming from those using one hand to hold a picket sign and the other to reach out to scoop up more goodies from the public trough. While most of us have been working to get money to pay our taxes, they have been whining and looking for to ways to take hold of more of this money for themselves. We have abdicated our responsibility to speak up and have left the playing field to the to the avaricious mob. We lost by default!

Does this mean that we can't get the word out? Definitely not! Sure it is one more thing to squeeze into your schedule and mine, but I have found that there is always time for things we see as most important. The issue then becomes recognizing the damage that is being done to our country and making a priority to stop it.

Now is the time... no, it is past time for us to overcome some of our natural tendencies to live quietly by ourselves. Although it's not really in our nature, we must band together and speak up, not just individually, but publicly as a body of citizens. There are enough of us to make a difference. Our problem is that we are busy working, spending time with our families, helping to make our community better and all sorts of other productive activities. Our opponents tend not to have so many of these demands on their time... they often don't have such a rough time fitting self-serving public protest into their schedules.

Tonight, was the first I took part in such a protest in close to twenty years... the last being way back in New Jersey when we gathered around an inappropriately located adult bookstore in the pouring rain... and made the front page of the Star Ledger.

About two hundred of us gathered outside our local ABC affiliate to protest the ObamaCare infomercial they were running. This was not a normal event for most of us but it was refreshing to spend the evening with many who had not been too involved in the past, but have been awaken from their slumber by the outrageous changes being inflicted upon our land.

We made new acquaintances, renewed old ones and found many people with whom we share a lot more in common than we would have ever thought. The first lesson learned was the WE ARE NOT ALONE! If you are concerned about your country, you are not alone either.

It doesn't matter if there are ten of you coming together or a thousand. There is a fellowship among those who cherish their liberty and are willing to take a stand for it. With the tea parties and patriot groups, combined with our government's encroachment on so many areas of our lives, there will be many more opportunities to make your voice heard. It's well worth working it into your busy schedule. Keep in mind that the most meaningful things we do are things that reach beyond ourselves and contribute to the greatness of our country and the welfare of our neighbors.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recently, on a mountain ride, Daren met some citizens who shared their feelings about what's currently happening in our country. Check it out:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grassroots: Labor of Love (J. Ranson posting)

Several weeks ago, I attended a widely publicized event in the area called Liberty 101. It featured exhibits by dozens of groups interested in educating citizens about liberty, our country’s founding principles, and grassroots activism. A main stage featured bands and keynote speakers, while a fan-“cooled” building hosted educational seminars on a variety of constitutional topics from guns to taxes.

This event was extremely well-planned. By whom?, you might ask. The answer might surprise you given the recent press reports depicting conservative grassroots activism as “Astroturf” and “well-funded by special interests.” This event was put on entirely through volunteer work of people passionate about their country and its freedoms. Mostly, the brains behind this event emanated from the local Tea Party group.

These volunteers labored long hours for weeks in advance of the event. They also invested gallons of sweat on that 100-degree day to bring educational opportunities to local citizens. Oh sure, they received some business sponsorships and donations from private individuals, but this was no “Astroturf” event. As Mickey White told me, “It was a labor of love.”
After the event, I was motivated to write about it, but I didn’t. Around the time of Liberty 101, a lot of negative press was swirling around the fake and manufactured grassroots activity going on all around the country. I thought my disclaimer would just be more clutter in the blogosphere. But the passion of the American people has not been quelled. We still wish to be heard, to be taken seriously, and, above all, to reclaim the liberty bequeathed us through the struggles of our founders.

Yet amidst the disparagement of grassroots efforts to push back on healthcare reform as currently envisioned in Congress, the former-community-organizer himself, President Obama, has tried to gin up grassroots workers who will pressure lawmakers into passing a massive healthcare overhaul. Contrast the “labor of love” work of my local compatriots to recent Craigslist advertisements to pay $15 per hour to “volunteers” to work to pass Obama's Healthcare Plan. Quite a difference in commitment, wouldn’t you agree? Real grassroots is “money-poor and people-rich” according to Wikipedia. Hmmmm.....

I’ve been calling and writing to my representatives for nearly ten years. Yeah, a real time-waster, I know. Until this year, I had never marched in the vicinity of a legislator’s office, but I’ve now done so three times. I still haven’t carried a handmade sign! But I really do admire the creativity of my grassroots colleagues.

Individuals around this great land have spoken up to our government leaders and found themselves thrust into the spotlight. So many of them have faced cameras and questions from all types of media and held their own in the debate. I have been enormously impressed by their courage and their passion. I don’t care much about the limelight, but I am going to keep working on the grassroots projects I’ve committed to. No one has to pay me; it’s a labor of love.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daren's Welcome Message

Citizens, we want to welcome you to the Citizen's Roundtable. It will be the undertaking of this small group to bring you the important facts about the issues you and I face in our nation today. Our hope is to enlighten you with the response of other citizens, just like you, and their feelings on the same issues we all fear are tearing our nation apart. Stay tuned as we develop this forum, and as we strive to bring everyone a clearer perspective on these issues.

Our goal to make you an informed citizen, so when election time comes, you can vote with confidence.

Americans, we all want what is best for our country. The survival of our freedom, and the rights, granted to us by the "United States Constitution" are being challenged on a daily basis by those who govern this land. The very ones we elected and put in office to do the people's business. The thievery and mismanagement of those whom we have entrusted is a disgrace to our country. The very ones involved in these acts are ridiculing the private sector, and penalizing them for the very same thing. We encourage your comments.

If you would like to be a participant, in a future segments of Citizen Roundtable, please let us know, we would love to have your input.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to the Citizen's Roundtable

Coming soon:
Commentary on the issues of the day!
Nate and Laura on the Street
Updates on production timeline for roundtable programming