Friday, December 25, 2009

Cooperation among Conservative groups? by Julie Ranson

Recently I observed a conservative fellow critiquing the attendance of a recent rally. He asserted that the smaller attendance would only feed the narrative of the left…dwindling numbers, waning enthusiasm, etc.
He asked whether the conservative groups even talk to each other. The rally in question was held mid-day on a cold, rainy Monday and followed a rally held the previous Friday, also mid-day. As has been previously noted in this blog, protesting isn’t the daily inclination of the conservative. We have jobs and families, for Pete’s sake! And while Americans for Prosperity may have the bus on its tour, we are not going to allow federally-funded factions herd us around to protest spots like the liberals who have plenty more protect practice.

Because we have the country’s gross domestic product to tend, we aren’t free like the typical dregs of society herded around to events like the G-20 summit. At this year’s Pittsburgh summit, 300 protesters assembled without a permit. Greeting police with rolling trash cans, blocking roads with pallets, the protesters were subjected to teargas. Some would argue that the world’s “capitalist pigs” that comprise the G-20 are to blame for these jobless protestors’ plight, instead it’s entirely something else – socialist malaise – why do for oneself when the government is writing unemployment checks, eh?

Anyway, just so you know, conservative protests in the year 2009 have resulted in no police action, no violence, no trash-covered National Mall. These protesters not only paid their own way to attend, they even cleaned up after themselves.

Okay, these really are very nice people so why aren’t they “cooperating with each other” as the fellow I mentioned earlier had lamented? The answer is…..a lot of groups actually are cooperating with each other! Sometimes, though, group events overlap, coincide, or nip at each other's heels on the calendar. Be that as it may, it’s important to realize that while many of the groups have similar missions and shared values, some groups are laser-focused on so-called smaller or narrower issues. As well, even those with similar missions have different methods for reaching their goals…. What’s really important is that genuine, founding American principles are upheld, reiterated, and taught to others. That’s what groups like the Tea Party-ers and the 9-12’ers espouse and, together or not, these groups will be heard.