Saturday, December 5, 2009

Outgoing Governor Tim Kaine proposes expanding health benefits to partners.

By Daren Gardner

In his usual dissappearing act, outgoing Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine is now proposing to extend health care benefits to any adult who would live in the household of a state employee who is currently on the health care plan.

Let me first impart that I have nothing against any of the people I am about to name. Ok, so let's see, you have many to chose from, just take your pick. We could see family members, well that is not so bad. Oh, and then you have your high school friends, your friends you meet at the bar who needed a place to live, now they become eligible. You have same sex couples, and how about the friend of cousin Fred who is down and out and also sleeps on your couch for a year. I think you get the picture.

This is just a great example of fine leadership of our part-time governor that has thought about Virginians First. On his talk with Jimmy Barrett on WRVA radio on Friday's last "Ask the Governor" show, he stated that he had thought about this before, but he could not get past the added cost. Now he wants to implement it, so our Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell will have to deal with those cost.
He also says that this individual who receives this benefit will have to pay the full cost. Can anyone tell me what sense that makes? Do you think that is how it will happen? Do you think it will not have an increase in cost to the state?

If for a minute, you, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, think that this will not be a huge increase on our tax dollars, you are in for a rude awakening. This will throw the state health care cost out of control. Citizens, those of you who sit back. Those of you who do nothing. Those of you who one day will say, and are currently saying, why did they let this happen? Well, the they, is you, and you failed to come forth and fight such madness with the rest of us who have been pounding the streets at rally's. Failed to get on the phone to make the calls to your representatives. Failed to write the letters, send the faxes.

Those of you who quietly sit back and complain, and whom feel some kind of an embarrassment, if you come out to voice the opinions you really have. That you would not have the courage to stand up and excercise your First Amendment right. Or is it you have not taken the time to teach yourself, to become informed, to have the "want to" of standing up for freedom.

I challenge you today to come on out. Not to sit quietly in your homes and watch from afar, but to come and stand quietly beside your fellow American, who is out standing up for this country, and our Constitutional Rights. To be outraged when one of our proudest countrymen, Medal of Honor recipient, a 90yr old American Veteran Hero, is challenged on the proper way to fly the American Flag.

Little by little our government keeps whittling away at our rights and our freedoms. Citizens, we need less government, not just a balanced budget, but less government in our lives. We do not have to have this enormous spending that is taking place. Our state government has got to get out of doing all the business for the people, instead let the people do their own business. Let the free enterprise system work. Our government has got to stop trying to take care of everything, instead encourage and teach our citizens how to take care of themselves. We as citizens need to help and encourage each other.

As I have stated, our prosperity has ruined this nation. We all need the basic needs to live on, but I am not saying prosperity is bad. It has changed the mindset of so many Americans though. I was once told about 25 yrs ago by a man whom I had great respect for, that nothing remains the same in life, that if you do not change it, it will change you. We have to as citizens stand up and change our government, and this is not just small talk. This past year has proven that as Americans we can make a difference if we do stand together in this battle. You are not alone. You do have to take a step forward though. Many of us have your back. Many of us are on the front lines daily. Many of us will celebrate with you in victory. Something you will miss out on if you are not willing to take a step out of your comfort zone.

So with little over a month in office, our Governor, Tim Kaine, was asked the question, would he run again for Governor of Virginia, his response was "doubtful". I am sure glad for one thing, he sees the writing on the wall.